Justin Bieber's friend Romeo is in extreme violation of the bro code.

TMZ caught up with the rapper on his birthday earlier this week. When asked what he wanted as a gift, Romeo, who turned 24, said, "A hot date with Selena Gomez. She's like the girl version of me, man. She's amazing."

The girl version of him? Hmm, yeah, we're not seeing that. But then again, what do we know? We are left to wonder WTF he meant by that. But there doesn't appear to be any jesting or joking in the way he states that he'd want a date with Sel.

For the record, we know Selena's amazing and we're confident that The Biebs is well aware of that fact, too.

But the fact that she is the high-profile ex-GF of someone who is supposed to be his bro? Wow. That's not an amazing thing to do, Romeo.

Selena Gomez is Bieber's Juliet, so Romeo should back off.

Beliebers and PopCrushers, what do you guys think of Romeo's comments about Selena Gomez? Is it still a serious bro code violation even though Jelena are broken up? Yay or nay?