Justin Bieber came up with a smart way to deflect chatter away from a spate of bad publicity last week, like those blunt smoking photos and the drama that surrounded the paparazzo who died tried trying to obtain a photo of him. He once again teased that he may host and perform on an upcoming episode of 'Saturday Night Live.' He'll pull a Bruno Mars and do double duty. We know he's up for the challenge.

He tweeted a cryptic message last week about a forthcoming 'SNL' engagement and now, he followed up by sharing, in teasing fashion, more details.

Yeah, "maybe!" Come on, Biebs and producer/creator Lorne Michaels. Confirm it and let us start looking forward to The Biebs serving as both the host and the musical guest.

It's now rumored that The Biebs will commandeer the Feb. 16 ep of the long-running comedy show. It's also rumored to be a Valentine's Day-themed episode.

That leaves us with two HUGE questions.

Will his on-off lady love Selena Gomez be in town to make a cameo in one of the love-themed skits? And will The Biebs poke fun at those blunt smoking photos on the ep?

Celebs often appear on 'SNL' to make fun of themselves after an embarrassing moment. It seems like The Biebs could downplay the photos and the drama by having a laugh at himself.

He last appeared on the show as the musical guest in 2010. Tina Fey hosted. Now he's putting on his big boy pants to host.

Beliebers, who is excited for The Biebs taking over an entire ep of 'SNL?'

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