Justin Bieber will commandeer 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend, as both host and musical guest, so another batch of promos has been released. This time, he pairs up with the always hilarious Jason Sudeikis, who is afflicted with Bieber Fever. They both are, actually, and they doubt there is a cure.

Sudeikis jokes that he wants to be the musical guest and now is as good a time as any since his weight fluctuates. They both joke about having Bieber fever, which visibly irritates the Biebs.

If you missed Da Biebs generating laughs with cast member Kenan Thompson, watch 'em here. Thompson also had a case of Bieb Feev.

A report about the content of the Biebs' episode has surfaced, which is of course subject to change. The dress rehearsal for 'SNL' is often different than what airs. So any of this can change at the whim of Lorne Michaels and the writers.

The opening monologue will have a Valentine's Day theme. No shock there, and that's been the rumor for weeks.

He is also slated to perform 'As Long as You Love Me,' which is not a current single, and 'Nothing Like Us,' the latter from his new, No. 1-charting 'Believe Acoustic' EP.

Maybe he'll smooch someone on this ep. He already got busy with a mannequin this week. Maybe he can engage in a "Sudeikiss."