‘Love Me Like You Do,’ a dreamy, romantic, finger-snapping song by man-of-the-hour Justin Bieber, will appear on the Irish special edition of ‘Believe.’ But the good news is that it has already landed online. The song is the only bonus track on the Ireland edition, but you don’t have to live there to be lucky enough to enjoy the tune. Oh, the wonders of the Internet. We can all partake in pieces of The Biebs thanks to the web.

So what’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’ like? Well, it’s a spare song, featuring a repeating beat. It’s infused with soft, steady drum and bass instrumentation, which undulates under The Biebs’ mid-range vocals. He doesn’t employ the falsetto too much at first. He actually saves it until the end of the song.

Where does the swag, swag, swag come in? During the song’s coda, which features The Biebs dropping some nasally raps that sound a bit like his bro Drake, as well as some Auto-tuned effects.

It’s a buttery R&B track that should have the knees of Beliebers buckling with weakness. It’s a pretty sweet song. As in it’s pretty and it’s sweet.

‘Believe’ drops on Tuesday, June 19, which is next week. How uh-mazing is it to enjoy this special import song in advance?