Justin Bieber is finally getting attention for something other than his likely-rekindled relationship with Selena Gomez. The cute Canadian is releasing an outtake track from 'Believe' called 'Make You Believe.'

The song is reminiscent of Justin Timberlake -- but don't tell Biebs that or he may get mad. (We mean it as a compliment!) It's an electronic, synth-heavy club banger that would likely appeal to his slightly older Beliebers. "I can't make you promises," he sings, "but I'll make you believe." Bieber even gets a little suggestive, telling the object of his affection, "I'm gonna touch you when the beat drops / Right there." Ow ow!

The hook of the catchy tune is similar to the theme Biebs carried at the 2012 American Music Awards. Upon accepting his win for Artist of the Year, he got emotional, telling his Beliebers, “It’s hard growing up with everyone watching me, and I want to say that as long as you guys keep believing in me, I’m gonna always make you proud.”

The song is catchy enough for radio, but at 1:55, it may have been too short to release as a single, which may explain why it was scrapped from the final album. The track is currently being given away on Bieber's webstore as a special gift with purchases. It'll be a nice addition to any Belieber's Black Friday shopping basket.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Make You Believe'