More trouble for Justin Bieber. After his supposed strip club exploits in Houston this weekend, the teen, who is just 19, was then said to be snapped with a beer in his hand. Uh, you have to be 21 drink legally. The photo has lead to an underage drinking probe.

The Biebs hung out at NOX on Friday night (Oct. 18) and it was said that he was drinking water. But a representative for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has confirmed that a complaint has been filed and an investigation has been opened. If it's proven that The Biebs was drinking beer, the bar could lose its license.

As for the singer? Well, he wouldn't face any legal action, since he wasn't "caught" drinking.

So it would suck for the bar but The Biebs would go about his merry way, with another chink in the armor of his reputation.

It seems like there is a new issue with him every day. He was searched by security in Puerto Rico, and even though it was supposedly a random bag check, it still reflects poorly on the singer since it makes headlines and creates questions, since people assume he was being searched for a reason.