Sounds like she really is putting him on "re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat." Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted together on Wednesday (Nov. 14) and Thursday (Nov. 15) -- and there are pics to prove it.

TMZ reports that Bieber had a driver take him to LAX to pick Gomez up at the airport, then went with her to her house ... and Biebs spent the night there! It doesn't end there, though. The next day, the former-but-maybe-reunited couple went to the Four Seasons together, though they entered at separate times to avoid being photographed together.

It's a quick 180 from the last report about the pair, in which Gomez reportedly blocked Bieber from her cellphone in an attempt to completely cut him out of her life. The pair split near Halloween, but Justin has seemed dead set from the start on winning her back. Gomez is said to have trust issues with Bieber, suspecting him of a wandering eye. Other sources have said that the sophisticated Sel, 20, is too mature (or too boring) for the 18-year-old superstar.

The couple have broken up and gotten back together before, but this breakup is said to have culminated from a screaming match over Selena not being able to trust Justin. They met up previously in New York City to try to hash things out, and it's unclear whether or not it worked -- but if these photos are any indication, it certainly didn't hurt.

Here's hoping they can work it out, because the world needs Jelena to prove that love isn't dead.

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