When we last saw Justin Bieber, he was harassing former girlfriend Selena Gomez with ceaseless text messages in an effort to win her nubile affections once more.

And maybe he's stumbled upon a system even better than candy and flowers and passive-aggressive Facebook posts -- because the pair allegedly spent the night together earlier this week.

Well-paid (probably) spies from TMZ report that Bieber was driven to LAX Wednesday night to pick up Selena, and afterwards the on-and-off couple went to her house. And hopefully the Biebs packed his jammies and a toothbrush, because he didn't emerge again until the next morning.

On Thursday, the pair went to the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, where they entered separately to keep the paparazzi from photographing them together (TMZ does have shots of each of them walking into the swanky hotel, though).

As recently as yesterday, insiders were blabbing that Selena had blocked Justin from contacting her by phone or other electronic means, but that she hadn't yet unfollowed him on Twitter because she knew the tabloids would be all ZOMG IT'S REALLY OVER ZOMG if she pulled the trigger on that particular gun.

Sources also said their breakup "absolutely, positively involved another woman," but who it was remains unclear. The Biebs supposedly didn't meet (and allegedly hook up with) Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin until after the split, but when you're Justin Bieber, the ladybits just rain down in monsoon-like fashion so it could've been anyone really.

No word yet from either his or Gomez's camp about whether or not they're actually back together, but we're sure the White House is on full alert and keeping President Obama apprised with regular briefings.