No slapfights here.

Even though Taylor Swift is clearly disgusted by Selena Gomez's maybe-reunion with Justin Bieber, Gomez still considers her a BFF. Perhaps a forever alone BFF, but a BFF.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Selena will remain friends with Taylor regardless of her dating Justin. Selena knows that Taylor is not a threat to their relationship physically and will overall make her own decisions.”

We're not quite sure what a "threat to their relationship physically" means. Would Swift kick the snot out of Bieber? Or is Bieber just as grossed out by Swift as Swift is by him so there's no concern for attraction? So many questions for this source. So many questions.

In any case, the insider continued, “At the end of the day for Selena, she knows it is best for her to remain friendly with both, because the only times Taylor will really see Justin is during award shows. Everyone can fake that they like each other for a few hours when they are in those situations.”

In a recent radio interview following the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, Gomez said she thinks Swift is an "amazing person" and thinks everyone should listen to Swift's music when they're going through a breakup.

Seems like Kristen Stewart certainly agrees.

You know what they say: Chicks before, uh, Jerrys. Chicks before Jerrys.