Are you ready for your daily dose of awkward? Yeah? Okay, we're gonna let you have it in the form of what Bill Hader and other 'Saturday Night Live' writers dubbed the "greatest train wreck," and it features Justin Bieber.

The skit, which never made it to the live show, is quite the lesson in Murphy's Law in that everything that can do wrong, did. Bill Hader, who is the consummate professional and never breaks character, notes that the skit probably wasn't suitable for the audience, which was filled with Justin's devoted Beliebers, so that creates a pretty fundamental problem to begin with.

Then, a part of the set started to collapse on the Biebs and Hader notes, "he's really scared right there. That's true fear on Justin Bieber's face." We'd be scared if a giant set was about to fall on us too!

All the gags, like Hader's giant pink guitar and the fact that the band is appearing on 'The Steve Harvey Show,' produce little to no laughs. The former 'SNL' cast member does give credit to Bieber who tries to add some sort of life to the sketch saying, "Justin's really giving it his all there. Maybe he's trying to make it funny?"

We have to say, we are quite happy this sketch didn't air, and although dubbed "a train wreck," it had nothing to do with Justin Bieber's involvement. Not every 'SNL' skit is going to be a winner!