Justin Bieber confirmed that the first single from ‘Believe’ will be a song called ‘Boyfriend‘ and it’s slated to drop on March 26. That’s 18 days away and when it comes to Biebermania, that’s an eternity. So when the singer teased fans, tweeting that the song is out early, the hordes of Beliebers perked up and squealed with joy. What did we do to deserve such a gift?

Sadly, The Biebs was playing a cruel digital joke on us all and was kidding. How dare he toy with our emotions like that! Is the fact that he appeared on ‘Punk’d’ going to his head? It surely stung to find out that ‘Boyfriend’ is nowhere to be found.

Alright, all is forgiven and now we’re having a chuckle at his tweet, which included a clip of the always irreverent Borat saying ‘Not.’ The Biebs had a laugh at our expense and certainly got us even more excited for ‘Boyfriend.’

Sorry if The Biebs got your hopes up only to dash them seconds later. Think of it this way. ‘Boyfriend’ is worth waiting for, so exercise a tiny bit of patience and before you know it, you’ll be memorizing the words, singing along and wishing JB was your BF.