Kanye West's feud with Jimmy Kimmel can go on the backburner since he has bigger issues. The rapper went nuclear –again!- when the paparazzi showed up at his house at 4M on Friday (Sept. 27) and goaded him into a confrontation. This comes as the prosecution for a previous case, where 'Ye got physical with a pap that confronted him at LAX earlier this summer, builds its argument against him. 

After his Kimmel rant, 'Ye was filmed outside of his Hollywood Hills home in the wee hours of the morning, lashing out at the snappers. His reaction is intense and if his words were tweets, they'd be in ALL CAPS.

In Yeezy's defense, it was 4AM and the confrontation occurred on his property. Notice those swaggy cars?!

One of the shooters asks the ultra serious star if he is mad at Jimmy Kimmel --duh!!!-- and that's when 'Ye loses his mind. "Stop asking me questions. You are out in front of my house at 4AM," he barks.

A photog tells him to relax, and then Kanye steps to him

"Shut the f--k up," he snarls. "It's 4AM, you blood-sucking mosquito. You want me to stand in front of your house at 4AM?"

"We're here to support you!," a photog says, which is easily one of the most ridiculous things we've ever heard. That statement was met with "Shut the f--k up, you bully. Mosquito! Bully! Pick a profession with some kind of respect to it."

While we're Team Kimmel in that war, we're Team Kanye on this one. The paps did not need to bug him at 4AM when his temper was already about to boil over.

All of this doesn't bode well for the pending case, as the prosecutors want the jurors to see all videos of West "attacking" photographers.

TMZ reports that the city attorney in L.A. believes that West switches on a button and goes into attack mode when it comes to the paps. They are trying to prove that the way he treated the LAX snapper –he got physical—is how he deals with all photographers.

Since a California law allows prosecutors to show evidence of "prior bad acts" if they are relevant to a current case, these videos would appear to be admissible in building a case against Yeezy.