In what may be their first real public outing as a couple (well, aside from a really boring one back in October), Katy Perry and John Mayer hung out backstage at Broadway's 'A Christmas Story' with a bunch of kids.

Finally, friends they can relate to on an intellectual level!

Perry and Mayer took Mayer's adorable dad Richard along for the ride, and Us Weekly reports that Perry introduced Mayer to the cast -- most of whom are children -- as simply "her boyfriend John."

Meaning they didn't really know who he was. That's gotta sting for someone who loves attention as much as he does, no?

The equally attention-courting K.P. posed for a bunch of photo ops, even egging on Mayer with, "Come on, baby, let's take a picture!"

A spy said Mayer was hanging back and lying low while Perry soaked up the spotlight, sporting what may or may not have been a deliberately ugly holiday sweater. "You would think he was just a supportive boyfriend," the spy said. "He let her be the star."

A source also revealed exactly what drew Perry and Mayer together. Hint: He doesn't love her for her mind.

"John always thought Katy was really sexy," the insider said. "He loves curvy girls."