Katy Perry and John Mayer had a romantic Valentine's Day date, and possibly in an effort to make us all care, Perry was rocking a ring. On that finger.

Mayer and Perry rented out the Vista Theatre in East Hollywood on Feb. 14, and TMZ reports that the pair stayed there alone for over two hours.

The theater's only showing was for 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' but Perry was spotted leaving with a DVD in her hand. Given her addiction to attention, Mayer probably had to sit through 'Part of Me 3D.'

More notable than their actual date was what Perry wore: a ruby heart ring on the all-important finger (see pics here). Reps for neither star would confirm or deny any engagement talk.

The pair are pretty serious though, with rumors of an inevitably annoying "look at me!" spawn in the making and Mayer even admitting that it doesn't feel like he's in a celebrity relationship with the whipped cream-shooting songstress.

Still, Perry had a pretty sweet Valentine's Day, tweeting after their date:

Get it? Because she's like, quirky and stuff!