Katy Perry became a human prism when she performed 'Unconditionally' at the 2013 EMAs (Nov. 10).

The singer was wrapped in a colorful, flowing robe, with her hair slicked back, at first. She performed looking taller than a giant and larger than life, standing on stilt-like contraptions. It was a set up for something huge, since she didn't and couldn't move much for the first half of the song. But trust us! The coda of the performance made it all worth it.

Perry has talked about letting the light in with her music and with 'Prism,' and that's not lip service. She really was a conduit for the light when she ditched the robes and revealed a sparkling suit. She was like a star, lighting up the night sky of the auditorium.

It was truly out of the this world, especially when the singer was bathed in light. This was one Katy Perry performance that Katy Cats won't soon forget. Wow. Just wow. That's about all we can say at this point.