For a hot second, we thought Kendall Jenner was the edgiest member of the Kardashian clan, extended or otherwise. She posted a photo of a huge tattoo that made her look like she had wings. Turns out it's fake and Miss Jenner won't be taking flight.

The faux tat looks incredibly authentic and the extremely detailed design is super cool and requires zero commitment. If you are going to do a fake tattoo, you may as well go big and Kendall went HUGE.

The model and ex of Harry Styles posted, "if you're a bird, I'm a bird. @badwoodx does em' niicceee! #ItsRemovable."

Since Jenner made fashion week splashes by walking Marc Jacobs runway and more, it's no surprise that such a huge tattoo, which looks like a shrug, is fake.

But like we said, it is cool to look at.