Kesha only released her country cover of 'Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You)' hours ago, and now there's another Black Friday treat for her Animals. Two tracks from 'Warrior,' 'Supernatural' and 'Crazy Kids,' have leaked in full.

'Supernatural,' Kesha's ode to having sex with a ghost, doesn't specifically call out the spirit with which she's intimate, but she does allude to the afterlife. "We're gonna wake the dead," she sings. The song switches gears between the verses, which are spit, and the choruses, which are sung. About three quarters of the way in, there's an EDM-style breakdown, full of deliberate distortion, giving the dance track a grittier feel.

'Crazy Kids' opens with whistles, and it's an ode to her Animals. It's reminiscent of 'We R Who We R' in theme and 'Tik Tok' in sound. The chorus goes from singing to a creepy whisper at the end: "Hello / Wherever you are / Are you dancing on the dance floor / Drinking by the bar / Tonight we do it big / And shining like stars / And we don't give a f--- / 'Cause that's just who we are / And We are / We are / We are, we are / The crazy kids / The crazy kids / We are the crazy people."

Kesha previously teased the tracks' openings just two days ago. Though the cannibal queen is generous (she released 'C'mon' early, too), we're not sure if her record label would be happy with these tracks being online -- so listen while you can!

Listen to'Supernatural'

Listen to 'Crazy Kids'