When you're in front of a camera and being asked awkward questions, sometimes you may give awkward answers you don't mean. And sometimes you may give shady answers you do mean.

In any case, it's unclear just what Jonas Brothers and 'Married to Jonas' star Kevin Jonas was going for here, but it sure sounds like he was shading Selena Gomez.

One fan wrote in a doozy to Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live' for the 'Plead the Fifth' segment: Which of Nick and Joe's ex girlfriends are Kevin's least favorite?

"My least favorite -- so the one I don't like the most?" Kev clarified. "You know, there's a lot of them. Is that an answer? 'There's too many to count'?" When his host didn't let up, Kevin conceded that it wasn't Demi Lovato. (Phew, 'cause we heart her!)

When asked who the most overrated pop star right now is, Kevin was a little more forthcoming. When the host asked again if it was "Domo arigato Demi Lovato," Kevin quickly defended the 'Heart Attack' singer. "Have you heard that song? She can sing her a-- off! All the success to her." Then he began, "Did you watch the MTV -- no, I'm not going there."

We're thinking he meant the MTV Movie Awards, and we're thinking he meant this lackluster (but sadly consistent) performance from Gomez. He added later, "Some people should stick to movies, some people should do music, so I'm gonna just say there's a group out there ... it's not a group, it's a person, and I'm trying to be so nice and I can't be nice. We'll just say Psy."

Ow ow! Looks like Sel was a solid lead in both categories for Kevin.