Remember Maxim Bady? He’s the young critic from Birmingham, England who gave props to Kanye West’s swaggalicious song, ‘Theraflu’ (now renamed ‘Cold‘). He’s back to offer his opinion about G.O.O.D. Music’s new video, ‘Mercy.’ Let’s just say he was enthusiastically impressed with the video.

If you thought Bady was overzealous in the last video, wait to until you watch this clip — it’s absolutely hilarious. Bady is probably the best vlogger around when it comes to reviewing Yeezy’s music and videos.

In his new clip, Bady makes an excellent point that West doesn’t make atypical rap videos. The young man describes the ‘Mercy’ video as projecting “a million swag” and being very slick. “I bet frogs are killing themselves right now going, ‘Oh my god, they are people who actually slicker than us, pow, we died,” he says.

He goes on to describe the ‘Mercy’ clip in great details — from the way Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz wore their clothes to Kid Cudi dancing so jubilantly in video. He even praised Tayana Taylor, the newest G.O.O.D. Music signee, who appears briefly in the video whipping her dress back and forth. “There’s only one women in the video. She did not even move and I still got an ejaculation,” he says. Uh, okay?

Although the black-and-white video was directed by Nabil Elderkin, Bady praises West for his artistic vision. “We all know this was Kanye West’s idea,” he says. “If there was no Kanye West in this group, the video would probably be like women showing a lot of titties and fatty-fatty, boom-boom a—es and s— like that. That’s what all the other rappers do. Only Kanye West came and change the game and make videos that you want to watch one million times.”

We couldn’t agree more.

He also sends a shot to the haters who might frown on the ‘Mercy’ video because… well, because they are haters. “Even if you’re a hata[sic], you know that you have never seen something like this in rap music video before,” Bady says. “You’re just close-minded with dumb facts. Why don’t you just put your head in a hippopotamus a– and see how you like that.” LOL!

In the end, Bady confirms why he likes G.O.O.D. Music’s ‘Mercy’ video so much. “This video is slick, swag, cool, awesome, brilliant, artistic, ahhh,” he exclaims.

We have to applaud Maxim Bady for making us laugh with his hysterically funny review of the ‘Mercy’ video, and reminded us why Kanye West has so much swag.

Watch Maxim Bady Review ‘Mercy’ Video