Ay yi yi. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian have been split up almost more than three times as long as they were married, but that doesn’t mean the former couple’s drama is over. Reports are rampant that Humphries suspects that K.K. was hooking up with her current beau, Kanye West, behind his back. Why does he think so?

Apparently in conversations with another of Humphries’ exes (Myla Sinanaj), the NBA star told her that Kardashian claimed that West was a “close family friend.” Fair enough, right? But TMZ reports that once she told Humphries that, he started to wonder: If Yeezy was such a tight pal, why wasn’t he invited to their massive commercialized wedding?

Humphries was said to be with Sinanaj the day West’s ‘Theraflu’ track hit — the one where Ye declares his love for Kimmy K. — and that Humphries was pretty devastated by the whole thing.

If the rumors are to be believed, then this wouldn’t be the first time Kimye’s wandering eyes led to the demise of their long-term relationships. West’s ex, Amber Rose, claims that their relationship ended when West cheated on her with Kardashian, who was dating Reggie Bush at the time.

If these accusations are true, we’ll warn Kim and Kanye to be careful. You know what they say: If they cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you … even if they buy you and your mom fancy whips.

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