She's pretty spot on. Minus a few minor details, but we'll let those slide.


I love it when youTube group Barely Political does K-Stew impressions. This is one of the best ones yet! I mean clearly this isn't the real Kristen Stewart, but her mannerisms and the way she talks is pretty spot on.

I've always thought Kristen Stewart was super awkward in movies and the first time I saw her at an award show, I was like so she's like that in person too? You'd think with all that money she'd take a public speaking class, but hey if she did that we wouldn't have the totally awkward, and touches her hair way too much K-Stew that we all know and love.

My favorite part of this is when she talks about St. Patrick driving all the snakes out of Ireland, which was nice because he didn't have to give them a ride.

So after watching this video you will be a St. Patrick's Day pro and can show your new found knowledge off to all your friends! Enjoy!