Lady Gaga has mentioned releasing 'ARTPOP' in two volumes. Well, the first is out now. What about Act II? What's the status? Well, little monsters may very well hear it in 2014.

Gaga recently spoke about performing new songs on tour next year, saying, "I might have Act II out, and it might be nice to play both acts on the tour."

The host probed her about an 'ARTPOP' sequel, asking if it's more avant garde, to which she said, "In the beginning, I was thinking of splitting the album in two parts, based on what I thought was more pop and what I thought was more art. This was during the inception and I wasn't sure what 'ARTPOP' meant yet."

She abandoned that "art" side and "pop" side plan.

Lady Gaga explained how the 'ARTPOP' app is engagement in the Haus of Gaga creative process and will eventually include stems so fans can rework the songs.

She also said that her duet with R. Kelly is about dealing with people talking smack about them and how the body is temporary and just the house of the spirit. So while the words can attack the body, they'll never get the soul. That's why they say "Do what u want with my body" -- it's not just sexual.