Whoa. Lady Gaga has shared another 'Cake' video teaser, where she she cavorts in a smashed cake. She is wearing lingerie and heels, and slides around on a baking sheet covered in icing. She licks it. She tastes it. She lays in it. She writhes in it. It's as though cake is a lotion she wants to smear on her body.

She shared a photo of herself cakin' it up last week, but this 20-second video is as raunchy as it gets. Whether or not you have a food fetish, Gaga makes this sorta dirty-sexy with all that rolling around on a destroyed baked good.

The ending is the real shocker, though. We know, the entire clip feels pretty aggressive and sultry as it is. But during the fleeting few seconds, the Mother Monster is almost naked, in a hot tub, with her back to the camera, wearing nothing more than a sheer purple thong and doing a booty bounce. It looks like she studied a rap video with her moves. Lord knows she needed to rinse off after rolling around in all the sticky icing and cake crumbs.

PopCrushers, now that we've enjoyed another "taste" of 'Cake,' what do you think? Do you like the direction that Gaga is going in? Do you think that rolling around on a cake is sexy or sickening?