Charlie Sheen wins at life! The actor and cultural lightning rod (ahem!) has revealed that Lady Gaga wanted him to star in one of her videos, but it was more than just a casual cameo that she had in mind.

Instead, Sheen revealed that the Mother Monster wanted to give him a lap dance in what she had hoped would be the first-ever X-rated video.

Sheen told The Daily Beast that Gaga made the offer, but it never came to fruition.

He and Gaga both appear in the film 'Machete Kills,' in which Gaga will make her acting debut. He plays the president, but they don't have any scenes together.

Despite not working together on set, they did have a conversation. "We didn’t share any scenes but I actually spoke to her on the phone," the actor said. "She wanted me to do a music video with her that was going to be the first X-rated video… It’s her going to this strip club, with Britney Spears or somebody, and they’re dancers and I’m the customer."

Whoa. Wait. What? Gaga and Brit? Giving Sheen lap dances? For a music video? Where the heck would that air? This is getting more interesting by the minute.

He continued, "And she wanted to do a full striptease as a lap dance for me, and she told me, 'If there’s one person that should receive this X-rated lap dance, it’s you.' I was so flattered, but we never spoke again."

Hey Gaga, is it time to ring Sheen back up to discuss this lap dance? That would certainly get tongues wagging and be a new form of 'ARTPOP.' Maybe she ditched the idea after realizing it would be too hard to pull off. Who knows! But we'd love to see Gaga tango with Sheen.

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