Lady Gaga has been stepping out in Botticellian style while in London, with her outfits getting weirder and weirder by the day.

She has donned long, blonde wigs, a Dolce & Gabbana dress with Botticelli babes printed on it, and appeared like an apparition and a ghost -- complete with white face paint and a Jane Austen-like, empire waist dress.

Now, Mother Monster has been seen in a cream-colored frock, with tattered, deconstructed layers and gobs of thick white paint on her face and arms. It was a work of art.

Was this her Halloween costume? We don't know. It's Gaga. This could have been her outfit for dinner or shopping or something she would wear onstage. We wouldn't put it past Ma Monster to wear this to the airport or to get coffee, either!

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She looked not-of-this earth.

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Ma Monster reminded us of a mime-geisha hybrid.

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Or a punk rock Marie Antoinette?

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Gaga was fresh off of last night's 'X Factor' performance in the U.K., where she hopped off stage and hugged Sharon Osbourne. That was an important gesture, since it meant that Ma Monster settled her differences after a public feud with both Mama O and her daughter Kelly.

However, Gaga dealt with the younger Osbourne rejecting and rebuking her peace offering. So while Gaga and Sharon are fine, Kelly isn't budging.

Gaga apparently got a cake that read "Happy Birthday Kelly," since yesterday (Oct. 27) was the 'Fashion Police' host's 29th. She gave Kelly the cake via Sharon. But Kelly was not impressed nor was she appreciative of the offering, asking why Gaga didn't send the cake directly to her.

Below is a pic of the cake, which caused Kelly O. to continually diss Gaga despite Ma Monster extending the olive branch. We have to say -- Kelly was being mean and stubborn. Maybe her mother gave her a stern talking to, since most of her tweets were deleted.

She also said that the truth was sweeter than a cake.

Kelly eventually apologized for her Twitter fury, saying: "@ladygaga I acted like a child last night. Just not into publicity stunts call me & we will end this like adults I don't want 2 fight anymore."

Gaga abstained from the tweet heat, simply telling monsters she does not condone hate and spreading love to One Direction, too!