Once again, we're getting conflicting reports about the health of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball tour.

While the tour did remarkably well in Asia, recent rumors suggest that she may have had trouble moving tickets at a few gigs, and resorted to giving them away for her show in Rio de Janeiro this weekend. Guess Gaga playing soccer barefoot in the streets and hanging a banner that expressed her love for the area over her hotel balcony didn't inspire people to attend her show?

Well, not so fast. It could be spin and there are other factors at play.

A report compiled at Oh No They Didn't! suggested that three days prior to the Brazilian dates, almost half the tickets were still available. The local promoter reportedly resorted to offering a "buy one, get one free" promo to those who purchased tickets. There were also suggestions that some of her little monsters in this country may not have been able to afford a ticket to the BTW Ball.

There was another report that Gaga had to borrow her arch rival Madonna's MDNA tour stage since Live Nation didn't want to ship her stage out of the country since it is expensive and the tour was performing poorly.

Why, then, did the concert giant send a private jet for her? If her global tour was tanking, why would they extend a gas-guzzling, environmentally unfriendly and hella pricy gesture such as that?

Given the fact that Gaga's tour did so well in Asia, we're really not going to slap a big, fat, "FAIL" sticker on the rest of the dates. Not. A. Chance.

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