Lady Gaga is keeping anticipation for 'ARTPOP' high by sharing photos left and right. She posted another promo shot with a prosthetic arm, similar to the 'frowning' photo she dropped earlier this week.

She also offered a sneak peek at the 'Applause' video, on which she worked with Inez + Vinoodh.

In the prosthetic arm photo, Gaga's rocking a curtain of thick, chocolate brown locks, no makeup and said prosthetic arm with some black speckling. Who needs makeup when you have a fake arm? That's the star of the picture and we are left to wonder about its relationship to 'ARTPOP,' since there is little in the way of context clues.

The photo from the set also sees a largely makeup-free Gaga perched between her Dutch fashion photographer pals Inez + Vinoodh, who are directing the clip. The video is scheduled to drop on Aug. 19. The pair worked with Gaga on her fashion films for 'You & I' and has photographed many times in iconic fashion.

She's such a tease with all these photos. With little context, she is certainly stoking the fires of our curiosity about the video and the 'ARTPOP' project.