Fans usually ask their favorite artists for their autograph. Some go as far as asking for the signature to be placed on their skin, so they can have it tattooed and it'll last forever. Lady Gaga flipped the script on that concept when she got a tattoo to commemorate her time in Rio.

It's the simple word "Rio," with the "I" as a cross, spelled out it in script comprised of handwriting from fan signatures. It's on her head, right next to the cherub she got at her Fame fragrance event in NYC.

Okay, full disclosure here. We are absolutely blown away by the sentiment and what Gaga did as a warm, maternal gesture towards Brazilian fans. It's so creative to devise a tattoo out of fan signatures. But that doesn't mean it doesn't look like a stick and poke jailhouse tat, either.

Gaga shared the photos on her Twitter and her Little Monsters site, telling the Rio contingent of monsters how much they inspire her.

She tweeted: "R†O. Monsters, all over the world you continue to inspire me everyday, your like an endless ocean of possibilities."

She also revealed the mechanics of her new head ink: "the font was derived out of the signatures of three fans, all from different neighborhoods and ages. Represents how music brings us 2gether."

Again, it is such a beautiful and touching sentiment and a lovely way for her to remember and celebrate her fans. By permanently etching them onto her person, even if that tat looks hood, it's still moving. It's also on her head, so when her Skrillex hair grows out, she can cover it up. But something tells us she wouldn't even want to do that. Art is art (and ARTPOP).

A performance of 'Hair' from the Brazil shows also made it online. Gaga said she feels God when she comes to this city, thanking it for inspiration. Clearly, getting the tattoo was important since the city moves her.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Hair' in Rio de Janeiro