Though it's unclear what LeAnn Rimes does to warrant being interviewed anymore, she sat down for a chat with equally bobble-headed Giuliana Rancic -- and burst into tears when asked about her infidelity in her first marriage. And by "tears," we mean "bizarre, somewhat sad facial expressions with no saline involved."

Rimes infamously met her current husband, Eddie Cibrian, on the set of Lifetime's 'Northern Lights,' and the two began a torrid and fairly public affair despite being married to other people at the time. So Rancic cut right to the chase: "Why act on it when you're both married and you both have families?"

Rimes replied, "That is a huge question." The erstwhile country singer seems to have trouble finding words to explain why marital vows are pointless to her, stopping and starting several times before eventually explaining, "I never, ever in my heart want to hurt anyone, but ..." There's always a but, isn't there?

"... I don't think anything can separate anything that's super-connected. You might have had so many wonderful things with each other's spouses in your relationships, but something along the way broke that."

Broke? You mean "wrecked that"? Like a home?

Not quite. Rimes continued, "You can't break what's broken already." Okay, fair enough.

"No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt, even towards each other, were put into our decision."

The fact that thinking went into this at all is a revelation -- and kind of a horrifying one, considering it means Cibrian and Rimes put thought into hurting not just their spouses, but also Cibrian's children.

Keep it classy, you crazy kids. (And next time, LeAnn, put some thought into eye drops and glycerin if you want us to buy the whole "crying" thing.)