You will not believe what these people did when they came across a herd of buffalo.

Growing up in Wyoming, I'm pretty sure kids are taught about wildlife. This could include lessons on identifying tracks, steering clear of inhabited areas, and what to do when you come across various creatures in the wild. I'm also pretty sure those lessons never included the word "selfie."

And I'm the new girl in town.

Unofficial Networks obtained footage of tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. When a herd of buffalo approached the line of cars, these people not only got our of their vehicles, they then proceeded to take photos with the buffalo. What's worse is that some of them actually attempted to pet them.

At this point, you deserve to get rammed, right?

Ok, maybe that's a little harsh, but these guys are wild animals. Aside from being unpredictable, we need to respect their space and leave them alone. They're meant to be admired from afar. Besides the legal distance from a bison in the park is 25 yards.

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