The drama never ends for Lindsay Lohan, and now she's dragging a boy band member into her abyss of blotters and bad press. It's been revealed that Lohan's latest legal snafu was over none other than Max George of the Wanted.

Lohan was arrested this morning (Nov. 28) for allegedly punching another girl at New York City's Avenue nightclub. Lohan reportedly spent the prior part of the evening at Justin Bieber's Madison Square Garden stop of his Believe tour, where the Wanted opened up for the teen phenom. Lohan was trying to get cozy with Max. After the show, George, Tom Parker and Jay McGuiness escorted La Lohan and a pal to Avenue.

Problems began when Lohan reportedly got so drunk that George lost interest and began talking to another woman, Tiffany Eve Mitchell. (No offense, but judging by the photos of Mitchell, Lohan had to have been a real mess in order for this broad to look like an upgrade.) That's when Lohan got feisty -- and fisty, allegedly punching Mitchell in the left side of her face.

George was quickly over the drama and also over both ladies, turning his attention to yet another completely different girl -- and subsequently leaving with her. Meanwhile, Lohan left the club before police arrived, but they intercepted her car and arrested her for third degree assault around 4AM ET.

Moral of the story here? If you want to get with Max George, max out at two drinks.

Watch Lindsay Lohan Getting Arrested