It seems as if every positive piece of news for Lorde is accompanied by something controversial or negative.

Just days after the 17-year-old singer was nominated for an amazing four Grammy Awards comes word that she and her rumored boyfriend have been the victims of a cyberbullying campaign, much of it racist in nature.

Some background: The New Zealand newcomer reportedly called Justin Bieber and One Direction ugly. No proof of this quote has been found anywhere, mind you, but that didn't stop hordes of Beliebers and Directioners from trolling the singer online.

When she posted a picture of herself with alleged boyfriend James Lowe on Instagram, things spiraled out of control. The incensed and immature (never a good combination) trolls got personal, calling Lowe ugly and making racist comments about his Asian background.

Lorde is clearly no stranger to talking about other artists, but whether or not she even said what she's accused of saying, do she and Lowe really deserve to be treated like this?