Lorde and her wild mane of curls cover V's music issue. She shares the nod with Haim and two other artists, but the Kiwi singer is certainly the one who turns our heads, thanks to hers!

Lorde looks artsy in the black and white shot, minus her signature vampy lip color. Her brows are flawlessly sculpted, too.

The singer is 17 now and she is at the center of so much acclaim from people who are not her peers, which she realizes.

"A lot of this is coming from adults, who are saying what I’ve done has had some profound impact," she said, ever so humbly. "But for a lot of my peers, they appreciate what I’m doing, that there’s someone who’s talking about stuff a bit different or maybe more relevant to them. But I don’t know if people my age think it's wizardry. They just think, 'Oh, okay, someone’s saying that.' I mean, I wrote this record about my mates and my town and my life, and nothing more."

Lorde also does not want to be positioned as the anti-anyone, be it anti-Miley or anti-Taylor or anti-Selena, even though she has made comments about all of them in the press, which often lead to the media pouncing on her words.

Despite her success, she's still a simple girl from New Zealand that drives Cadillacs in her dreams. "I have heaps of friends in high school, but I also hang out with a lot of older people. It means that I get to have these stimulating encounters with people that I idolize, which is cool," she said.

Her recent fame, which lead to some high profile events, appearances and friends, like the aforementioned Swift, doesn't mean she has post code envy now. Admitting that her right now is "at odds with what I write about, and the reality of my life until a few months ago," Lorde isn't cutting ties with the past. "But when I go home, I still do all the stuff I used to do. I dunno...part of me feels like it’s weird to just get sucked into that world," she said.

Ah, the price of fame!