One Direction are the biggest band on planet earth, beloved by Directioners, who number in the millions. It's a good life, but is 1Der Louis Tomlinson tiring of the trappings of fame? According to a new source, LT is burning out on the lifestyle.

We can understand that it's exhausting to tour, to record via a mobile set up while on the road and to be chased by screaming fans at every turn. There's no normalcy accompanying this level of fame. So we'd totally get it if Louis was a bit fatigued.

A source claims that he is already looking forward to his post-1D life.

At 21, with his 22nd birthday on the horizon in December of this year, Tomlinson is the oldest member of the band and that might be why he is feeling the burn.

An anonymous insider said that LT is thinking ahead about his future, especially since word is he is thisclose to asking his GF Eleanor Calder for her hand in marriage.

"He's desperate for a more normal life where he can just take his girlfriend out without worrying some nutter is going to claw her eyes out. He can see a life after One Direction and that's increasingly appealing to him," the source claimed.

While Directioners can go nuts over the boys and gulp down the Haterade when it comes to their lady loves, we don't think any of them would cross the line and cause physical harm!

The source also suggested that Tomlinson factored heavily into the songwriting for the band's third album, 'Midnight Memories,' out in November, so he could establish cred and bolt sooner than later.

While it's smart for any band member to think about their future, as well as a future aside from their group, since nothing lasts forever, we're confident that LT is happy with his current station in life as one-fifth of 1D.