Good news, Madonna fans: your long wait for a new album may soon be over.

According to Madonna's manager Guy O'Seary, the singer -- who hasn't released a set of new material since 2008's 'Hard Candy' -- entered the studio over the weekend to work on what will be her twelfth studio album. Tweeting on the Fourth of July, O'Seary wrote, "It’s official.. Madonna’s 1st day in the recording studio for the new album… Very exciting. Happy 4th of July…"

This isn't the first tidbit doled out by O'Seary, who earlier hinted that Madonna "has a good idea on which producers she will be working with" for the new album.

Expectations are high following the relative disappointment of 'Hard Candy,' which failed to cross the million-unit mark here in the States and boasted only one top 40 single, the Justin Timberlake duet '4 Minutes.'