It’s a holiday wonderland and shopper’s paradise in the video for the Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber redo of her 1990s neo-classic ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.’ The clip for this upbeat holiday anthem is bright and sparkly, and there appears to be a hint of crushing going on in this May-December collaboration.

The video is set at Macy’s department store, where Mariah takes the role of Mrs. Santa, dressed in a more naughty than nice red and white outfit with black stiletto booties. St. Nick would need more than a cold glass of milk (that goes with his cookies) to cool off after taking a gander at her. The Biebs plays a shopper, making all sorts of googly eyes at Carey while she dances and bats her lashes at him. She is like the cougar of Christmas past! The two certainly flirt with one another via their eyes.

The video is super festive, thanks to an abundance of lights, trees, presents, holiday retail displays, wreaths, thresholds and Yuletide cheer. Mariah is looking as in shape as can be while The Biebs wheels his shopping cart around, tossing presents. There is some obvious product placement, like Nintendo 3D, which The Biebs stocks up on for gifting purposes.

He and Carey toss presents to shoppers, while she is seated in a sleigh, like a diva. The Biebs joins her in the sleigh, where they hug and smile at each other while celebrating the holidays. Who knew shopping could be so much damn fun?

Watch Mariah Carey + Justin Bieber ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’