In December 2012, Massachusetts police responded to a report of teenagers throwing eggs at a house.  The house belonged to a local police sergeant.  When the suspects were discovered, police were shocked by their findings.

Three officers of the Newton Police Department were involved in the egging incident.  The house belonged to their superior officer.  All three were off duty at the time.  They described the event as "a prank, a joke between friends."  The police sergeant is said to be handling the matter internally.  No charges have been filed in the affair.  None of the officers involved have been named publicly.

Needless to say, if you are a law enforcement officer and you break the law vandalizing your boss's house, you had better make sure you do not get caught.  If this was indeed a "joke between friends", there will not be any repercussions.  Should these guys still be reprimanded because they committed vandalism?  Do you think it should remain solely at the discretion of the homeowner?  What are your thoughts?