Miley Cyrus has come under a lot of fire lately for her cultural appropriation, her tongue, her twerking attempts and her nudity -- so much so that it's easy to forget she's young and often adorable. But she reminded us on 'Chatty Man' with Alan Carr.

Cyrus opened the interview by revealing that she doesn't really like to drink ... but she does like to smoke weed. (Surprise!) When Carr asked about her trip to Amsterdam, she revealed, "That was more pleasure [than business]. It wasn't on the map [of her press tour]. That was just, I'd never been before, so obviously I needed to go."

When Carr pointed out that Cyrus was snapped at an infamous Amsterdam coffee shop (as in, the kind that have marijuana in abundance), she joked, "Did I look different going in than I did coming out?" When he asked what she was doing in there, she laughed, "Drinking coffee!" She squinted and added, "Drinking coffee makes your eyes like this and gives you mad cottonmouth." Cyrus was in the coffee shop for seven hours, admitting, "It definitely wasn't [for] the WiFi."

She also added that the red and purple lights of the red light district enticed her ... but not for why you think. "We got there really late at night, around 3AM, and I saw all these red lights and purple lights, and I was like, 'Ooh, that's pretty!' So I started walking towards the lights, and, well, there you go." She also revealed that she had on a similar outfit as the hookers. Cute, Miley.

Carr got right to the point when he asked her about her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards: "What were you on that night?"

Cyrus replied, "I felt like the spirit of the VMAs was missing ... that's the one night we can really go for it. It's about celebrating your videos, and if you look at my and Robin's videos together, we're not going to come out and do the Hokey Pokey," she explained. (When she puts it that way, it actually makes sense.) "It's supposed to be a silly night when I can put my hair in damn pigtails and come out of a bear -- I mean, how sexy can I be trying to be? I've got pigtails, I'm dressed as a bear in a damn onesie! I think it was really the foam finger that I think took things to the next level."

As for her 'Wrecking Ball' video, Cyrus revealed, "Sledgehammers are the new foam fingers." She explained that when she essentially fellated the tool, she was "kinda joking, kinda serious."

Tune in to see the whole thing -- and hear about her collabo with Britney Spears!

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