Miley Cyrus is too busy learning about rap to do silly things like put on pants.

The budding hip-hop starlet and former 'Hannah Montana' star was snapped in full makeup, thigh-high boots, a matching skull jacket and spiked hair in a shoot for Jeremy Scott. Scott tweeted the above photo, writing:

Perhaps Cyrus is preoccupied with her new album to bother getting fully dressed. While details on the record are scant, hype is everywhere. The latest gushing comes courtesy of songwriter Angela Hunte, who spoke with The Source about Cyrus' new direction.

"Let me tell you something, I heard some of her records and it’s f---ing incredible!" Hunte exclaimed. "I was completely shocked. I can’t believe it. And it’s not forced," she assured doubters of Cyrus' rebellious new "dope" persona. "It doesn't sound like they forced Miley to be this person she’s not. It’s her, just with a brand new sound!"

“Miley is amazing," Hunte said. "She was a sweetheart and super professional. She was a pleasure to work with, I had a ball. We had fun. It wasn't even like we were working, we were just laughing and having a good time with Diplo and it's been fun."

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