Time to coin a new phrase – "Miley-Lo"- since Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan were seen partying in NYC. But it wasn't nearly as fun as it could have been, by all accounts.

While Miley's career is red hot right now, LiLo's has cooled considerably over the years, with the only thing on fire being the shade of her hair. Sad, but true. That didn't stop Miley from making like Lady Gaga and enjoying some hang time with the beleaguered actress.

The ladies were seen at 1OAK on Saturday (Oct. 26) but it wasn't a night of crazy antics, as you might expect. A source told E! that despite the rumors that the pair stayed out till 5AM and left together, they did not arrive together. LiLo arrived first and Miley turned up a little while later.

The New York Post reported that La Lohan climbed over to Miley and pushed their tables together to become one and that they hung out until the wee hours. The E! source said, "When Lindsay saw Miley, she went over to her table and started chatting to her. They were in great happy moods and enjoying the music."

Neither of the ladies were partaking in libations or alcoholic bevvies, since Miley is not 21 or legal yet -- she will be of age on Nov. 23 -- and LiLo just completed (another) stint in rehab.

It must have been good, clean fun.