If there's one thing Miley Cyrus can do (besides twerk, that is), it's grab your attention. And the singer did just that when she hosted and performed on 'Saturday Night Live' on Oct. 5 -- a stint which reports now say garnered the show its highest ratings since March, when Justin Timberlake did double duty.

Cyrus, who brought the laughs with her self-deprecating humor, jabs at Hannah Montana, and political skits, earned the show a 2.7 rating, brought in 6.7 million viewers, and scored highest within the 18-49 age group, TheWrap reported. By comparison, Timberlake's episode earned a 3.4 rating and attracted 8.4 million viewers.

Regardless of her personal antics, it's clear that the singer's career is on the upswing. (Who could resist a 'Wrecking Ball' pun?) In addition to her high 'SNL' score, according to Billboard, 'Bangerz' is set to top the charts on the Billboard 200 this week.