What breakup rumors? Miley Cyrus made sure to show her Twitter followers that she was still, in fact, engaged with a picture that prominently displayed that beautiful engagement ring Liam Hemsworth gave her.

The 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks' singer did her best Billy Idol lip curl while posing for the photo with a friend with the caption, "#gorg." Was she talking about herself, her friend or that giant rock on her left hand? Even making a silly face, Cyrus looks stunning with her vintage sunglasses and headwrap paired with her bold bright red lip. Plus, that 'doll' necklace is divine, where do we get one of those?!

The latest on her relationship with Liam is that they have different schedules so they aren't seen by the paps too much and that they are totally "low key." Whatever that means... An engagement ring stipulates your relationship is anything but low key.

There are also rumors swirling that Miley specifically went to the Met Gala just to show January Jones who the hottest girl in town was. We are all familiar with allegations that Liam got a little too cozy with J.Jones after the Oscars, and Miley was not about to have the 'Mad Men' actress show her up.

According to Hollywood Life, a source said, "Miley knew January would be there. So it was obviously on her mind as she got dressed. She knew looking amazing would be a huge statement, and she wanted to come out on top." We can safely say, Miley looked stunning at the big fashion event (albeit with distracting hair) and showed Jones who really has Liam's heart. Burn...

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