Miley Cyrus is going to impact our lives on Monday, Sept. 9 like the 'Wrecking Ball' that she is. The singer tweeted the single artwork and revealed that the video is coming on Monday. It's a Miley two-fer.

Usually, we dread the start of the week and are afflicted with a case of 'The Mondays' (a la 'Office Space') but this has us looking forward to the first day of the work week. We're actually excited about a Miley-filled Monday.

As for the cover? Cyrus is perched a top a large medicine ball-like structure – paint it red and it'd look like the vehicular deterrents placed out front of the doors of Target stores to prevent people from crashing into the entrance and exit!

She's also rocking oxblood Doc Martens – she's punk, you guys! -- and a white tank and white panties. It's a bit more subtle than what we've come to expect from the twerking queen as of late.

Something tells us that the 'Wrecking Ball' video will differ markedly from that of 'We Can't Stop,' since it's more of a ballad as opposed to a twerker party anthem.