The time is here where many are dealing with back-to-school, including myself. I am starting fall semester and has come already with some ups and downs.

From locating the class to making sure you have everything you need, there is a lot to do. I always get lost on where class is and have to ask. I think it's because I get flustered. My main class is anatomy as I am trying to get into a medical program. I ran into a few hiccups and had the hardest time finding where the book was that was needed. I ended up finding it on the syllabus at the very end. (This is just one page of many of the syllabus)

Charene Herrera

There is a lot to this class and I didn't have a book and found out that I actually couldn't even buy the book because the bookstore was out. So I think I will order it to make sure I get it.

I learned a bit on the first day. We pretty much jumped into it. From the 6 levels of structural organization of the body to the body planes. Sagittal and transverse are some. It's not going to be easy but if I focus I can do it!




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