Dean Kelly, Principal of Natrona County High School, has resigned.

In his resignation letter, which you can see below, he mentions the questionable “Saturday Night Live” parody that led to an investigation and disciplinary actions against an unknown number of employees.

Kelly will assume another role in the District, but that position was not detailed in the announcement.

His resignation is effective October 1st, and in his letter he says there was no coercion from the District to force him out.

Dean Kelly’s Letter of Resignation

Monday, August 25, 2014, an unfortunate incident occurred at our beginning of the year staff meeting. I am sorry that this occurred under my watch. It has had an embarrassing effect upon our district, the staff and most importantly, me and students at NCHS. Our work allows parents to trust us with their children’s educational, physical and emotional well being. I believe that trust has been potentially compromised due to this situation. As you know, the investigation into this has been concluded and now it is time to learn from this, move forward and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

I have recently had a little time to reflect. I recall seventeen years ago when I first was welcomed into the NCHS family. The people here made my transition into this great place very smooth. I was fascinated when I walked into my first classroom to see a half dozen desk rejects, a broken file cabinet and an old oak teacher’s desk with no chair.

Luckily, with the assistance of our great custodial stuff, I was able to have a complete classroom by the time I saw my first class of 36 technical algebra kids.

Since that time I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and learn from many of you. That opportunity has given me the deepest of respect for the quality of work you perform and the passion for students with which you perform it. It’s been seventeen years of mentorship and influence with the people at NCHS and that doesn’t begin to describe the impact upon me and the profound influence upon me. I know I said it a lot, and I hope that my saying it so much didn’t trivialize it, but I sincerely believe I am the luckiest principal in America due to getting to work with a building full of such quality people.

Every thing and every one has made me a better person and a better professional. I am now in a position to begin new journey personally and it feels so good to have someone beside that supports my work. All of that leads me to say, in order that the district, the school, my family and I, can move forward, heal, rebuild trust as well as give homage to the quality of the people involved in this situation, I am resigning my position as your principal in order to take on a different role in the district. Please know that this is my decision.

There was no coercion, or any threats to my professional career, present or future; in fact, I am thankful to Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Hornby and Ms. Echols for their help on this journey. I am interested in an opportunity for Natrona County High School to continue the journey of excellence you expect, and I am interested in new opportunities for me as I redefine my life both personally and professionally. Thanks each and every one of you for what you have given me. I wish each and every one of you the best as you move toward greatness as a collective one.


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