There were 9 games of NBA action last week, so the countdown is back up to the full 10! Let's get it started:

10.) We begin in Brooklyn for Jarrett Jack's over-the-shoulder alley oop to fellow Nets' teammate Jerome Jordan.

9.) In Memphis, the Grizzlies' Beno Udrih gets any easy dunk after the Rockets' turnover.

8.) King James is just King James. This was just one of his many outstanding plays last night against the Nuggets. Not good enough however to defeat Denver, but still a pretty 2-handed slam.

7.) Onto Boston as the Suns' guard Isaiah Thomas throws the oop to Gerald Green for the finish.

6.) Back in Brooklyn, the Heat's Shabazz Napier gets the rebound and the long distance assist to James Ennis for the dunk.

5.) Back in Boston, it was the battle of the 'Greens'. This time it was the Celtics' Jeff Green with the steal and the nice slam for the exclamation point.

4.) In LA, there was some nice passing. how about CP3, to Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan for the oop finish.

3.) In Portland, the Pelicans' Tyreke Evans throws the alley to Anthony Davis for the slam all over poor Robin Lopez.

2.) Let the poster dunks continue, but this time in Charlotte as the Mavs' Al-Farouq Aminu jams one in over Bismack Biyombo.

1.) But the number one spot goes to Jeff Green for his second appearance on the countdown with yet another steal that's ends with a dirty dunk.