New documents released Friday in the search for Kristi Richardson, shed light on the kinds of leads the Casper Police Department have been following almost since the first day after the 61-year-old Richardson seemingly disappeared.

Her home still neat, with no signs of forced entry, the disappearance happened sometime after 7:45 in the evening of October 6th. Since then, at least as far as the public knew, the trail has been cold.

But newly released affidavits dating back as far as the end of October show that investigators have been following leads from the beginning. Love letters discovered by the police led them to a former driver for Richardson’s trucking company, who admitted attempting to start an affair with the missing woman, more than once.

But as K2 Radio News reported earlier, there is more than one person of interest in this case. The latest search warrant unsealed dates back to October 30th. It indicates that at least one rural property was searched after cadaver dogs that are specially trained to find human remains, appeared to detect something. K2 News visited the property, approximately 16 miles outside of Casper, on Saturday.

According to a conversation with Chief Jim Wetzel of the Casper PD, the search produced nothing, but the document also indicated a vehicle was spotted by a neighbor at the Richardson house the night she disappeared. The truck is the same model as one owned by one of the persons of interest.

But again, this affidavit is from a very early point in the search and these leads may well have evaporated in the interim. But it does point to discrepancies in the timeline of at least one person of interest on the night Richardson disappeared.

Wetzel told K2 that the contents of the latest affidavit were releasable, but we will not release the name of the person mentioned, as there are no official suspects in the case.

Again, the document is nearly 5 months old, and these leads may have come to nothing. But it does indicate the twists and turns investigators have followed in the search for Kristi Richardson.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.