Owners of 'Tallywackers', a new restaurant chain touting itself as the male equivalent of Hooters, recently announced the opening of their first location in Dallas. The restaurant, which will feature scantily clad male servers, plans to open franchises across the country within the next few years.

Sadly, this new chain is another example of the way that men are objectified and degraded in our culture. Not only is the term 'Tallywackers' offensive, blatantly sexist, and derogatory towards men, it fosters an environment for sexual harassment to thrive. The disgusting women who patronize this establishment should learn to value and respect us for our character, not our bulging biceps and pecs.

And, do you really want a dude in his boxer shorts delivering your plate of cheese fries? That can't be sanitary. Then there's the question of discrimination. If they hire only buff, physically fit men, shouldn't bigger, hairier men like myself have the right to sue?  By the way ladies, my eyes are up here.