The new playing surface on Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium was recently completed. It features more of the traditional school colors of brown and "gameday" gold, as well as a new image of Wyoming's Teton Mountains in the end zones.

Installation of the new surface took just under three weeks from beginning to end.

The traditional element  of Wyoming’s iconic “Steamboat" symbol of a bucking horse and rider has also returned at midfield in brown, outlined in white and gameday gold.

The Jonah Field name will continue as to adorn Wyoming football’s playing surface to commemorate the generous donations to UW Athletics by Mick and Susie McMurry and John and Mari Ann Martin and their families.

The field includes over 750,000 pounds of crushed rubber to provide cushioning to the playing surface. The various elements of the field were manufactured in Georgia and then sewn together as the field was installed.

The cost of the new field was $500,000 that came from self-generated dollars. No state funds were used in the project. They saved nearly $500,000 thanks to the excellent condition of the base that was already in place from the installation of Wyoming’s original field turf surface back in the summer of 2005.