Fox 5 New York anchor Greg Kelly must have missed his company's sexual harassment training.

Reporter Anna Gilligan went to an amusement park in New Jersey called Action Park (yes, that Action Park), where she was filing a story on something or other. That's not really the point. The point is, she eventually stripped down to a bikini and tried something called Tarzan the Ride, which involves jumping off a zip line into a pool of water.

Kelly was very impressed—not with Gilligan's journalistic prowess, though, but with her bathing suit. And her body (which, we admit, looked great). Kelly's co-anchor, Rosanna Scotto, did not appreciate his blatant ogling and let him know directly. "Greg, stay appropriate," she said at one point. Which he did not do, deliberately prolonging the segment just so he could keep commenting on Gilligan's body.

It's a really uncomfortable situation for everyone, except, it seems, for Kelly, who looks like he genuinely doesn't understand that it's highly inappropriate to reduce your colleague to a sexual object on live television. Who knows, maybe Kelly is just a huge 'Mad Men' fan and this was all an elaborate joke the rest of us just didn't get.

Nah, Kelly's probably just a jerk.

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